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My name is Sara Lynn. I am 26 years old. I was born and raised in Newfield New Jersey. When I was growing up I would come  every other summer to visit family here so Houston was always like a second home to me. I used to be extremely shy and would stay to myself a lot. One thing I absolutely loved was being outdoors. Being in tune with nature was and has always been my safe place, a place where you can be free. I think as a kid playing outside and exploring my backyard is where my creativity and having an eye for beauty started. I remember I would collect these rocks and shells on the side of my Grandma’s house. Some would have different textures, colors or patterns. I remember thinking how cool it was to find these things. I also would build things out of the mud, make forts, and climb trees. I really was in my own world when I would play outdoors. Everything outside was like an art piece to me. God truly made a beautiful world. Fast forward to 2019, getting myself back into my art world it was a challenge. I didn’t know where to start. I would doodle here and there in college but about 4 years had passed since I really sat down; started an art piece and actually finished it. I didn’t know much about the business side of being a creative either. I just knew I wanted to create art no matter what it was. I started uploading my artwork from high school and uploading doodles from my notebooks. I began doing cartoons of people for $5 and that is where it started to take off. I started building my Instagram page and trying to get my art out there so people could notice. That first year was exciting to get back into my creativity. October of 2019 I had my first art show and that was when I realized that “wow I’m kinda talented”. That second year  I had people hit me up to do paintings, then logos and even design graphics for clothing brands. Things were looking up. As of right now my brand is called Designzbylinkz. I offer services such as paintings, cartoons, logo designs, websites design, graphic design, and printing services. I welcome you all to my creations. 

"Be Free"